Good Friends & Good Fellowship

Last night, Steve & Kellie Nash invited us over for an evening of fellowship and feasting. It was a good time, full of quiet conversation and the loud reveries of children playing.

Gaelynn and Israel had great fun in playing with the four Nash boys, both indoors and out-of-doors. Steve recently built an excellent playground for his boys, and it was well after-dark that the children continued to dash about in the fair evening.

Israel, though still a bit too small to fully join the fray, participated with all his little-boyish might; running with his funny little steps and occasionally belting out squeals of mock-shriek-joy. Sometimes his attention would be completely held in sway by the bright moon hovering in the clear night sky. “La Moooon,” he would bellow – his eyes skyward, tottering off-balance. Having recently learned “la Luna” means “Moon” – it appears that Israel prefers to combine the two languages for his own description of that glorious heavenly body.

Gaelynn too enjoyed herself immensely. She was both demure and aggressive in playing with the rougher, unruly boys – while occasionally pausing to gently talk to little baby Genevieve, whose miraculous recovery I have kept her abreast of since the beginning. Gaelynn delighted at Genevieve`s sweet giggles and her delicate beauty when sleeping – before skipping off to rejoin her raucous acquaintances in boyish playtime crusades.

Candace and Kellie had a grand time as well. Discussing all manner of things – from Faith to children to soil to food, they relished each other`s company greatly and parted slowly when we left late into the night – an appropriate parallel to the hours spent by Steve and I…

…he and I spoke of many things as well. Of wars and duty, of ideas and actions, of our mutual Faith and similar convictions. We stood and sat together as fellow warriors of the Truth, sharing of ourselves so that we may know each other more as Brothers in Christ.

A good evening that ended far too quickly for me and I long (as I always do) for another deep drink of the glittering sweet fellowship of the Brethren.


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