A Cleansing Fast

Today was the first day of my personal experiment with the “Master Cleanser” – an old-fashioned Fast to cleanse the system. I can speak of this without trouble of conscience, as this Fast is not one of spiritual intent but of physiological. A little internal “Spring Cleaning” as it were…

Since the rigorous athletic training of my “halcyon” days, I have been keenly aware of my body and I am highly sensitive to its functions. At any moment (I have long believed) I can give a thorough self-diagnostic of my aches and pains and comings and goings.

Here, at the end of the first day, I am already able to discern rather significant changes…

Hunger… as this is a Fast, there is some degree of hunger – but, as I am consuming several pints of liquid during the course of my day, it is not a legitimate hunger, but one of habit. I find that when I feel “hungry” it is not the proverbial “hunger pangs” but a sensual longing for the taste and consumption of food. When I contemplate my hunger, I consistently come to the understanding that I am not truly hungry out of a feeling of emptiness, but a desire for the presence of delicious food in my mouth – to taste, to chew, to swallow, to consume.

Metabolism… a considerable difference from past abstinence is the change in metabolic rate. Whenever I Fast with water (as well as vitamins), I feel a general turbidness – a sluggishness of mind and body. However, in this, although it is only a single day, I am able to feel my metabolism rise and maintain throughout the day – not excessively, but in a moderate manner; akin to “warming-up” before a workout. I believe that if someone were to partake of this in concordance with some form of intensive exercise, it would not be difficult.

There are also more intimate details, but I will not speak of them here.

I first heard of this from a friend of mine and it was corroborated by another friend – both of whom were pleased with the results. One had previously suffered with headaches and general congestion. Upon a rigorous adherence to this program, he was relieved of both ailments and lost 25 pounds in the process. My friend considers it a physical “turning point” upon which he has changed his lifestyle.

Such testimonies are common with this program but my reasons for starting are far less ambitious.

For me, it is merely another means of “self-maintenance” and an attempt to preserve my waning health as I press towards my thirtieth year.


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