Status Quo Vadis

Do You See What I See?

O, the sheer maddening mundacity of home life! Being compelled to see your children`s gilded dewy eyes blink open as they awake, to feed them with the morning Word and then prepare their breakfast. Helping them get dressed and shooing them off to their room where their playful giggles blend in harmoniously to the Brandenburg Concertos that echo throughout the house.

There are worse ways to start one`s days…

Much to do this morning and I am off to a fine start. Awaking quite early gave me a good jump on several of my tasks and looking towards the noontide hour I find myself slightly ahead of schedule – which gives me the luxury of writing in this journal.

At the moment I am thoroughly analyzing the first book of Paradise Lost for my meeting with my professor tomorrow; as well as re-reading essays by Samuel Pepys and Mary Astell.

After that, I will take the children for an outing to the nearby park and let them enjoy the sunny day that graces our skies after several days of dreary weather.

Is that a poopy diaper I smell? Indeed ’tis, and with that I will adjourn…

“The fairest Home I ever knew,
Was founded in an hour,
By parties also that I knew,
A spider and a flower…”


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