Two Long Years – My Life, In Progress…

“…though you are in your shining days, voices among the crowd – and new friends busy with your praise, be not unkind or proud. Think about old friends the most, Time’s bitter flood will rise – your beauty perish and be lost, for all eyes but these eyes…”

On a blustery Winter night, exactly two years ago to the day… I began this journal with my first entry

As is succinctly expressed in that first entry, I had grown weary of keeping off-line journals and eventually destroying them; I wanted a medium that held me somewhat accountable, even if that meant relinquishing some of my precious privacy. I desired a manner in which I could keep those close to me close and bring others closer – ministering to all. Moreover, I also wanted some means of incentive or motivation to keep a chronicle of every single day – other than the most obvious one: posterity.

On that chilly evening in early February, I was in a nexus of varied and contradictory emotions…

My (then pregnant) wife and little daughter had gone to bed for the night and I was “instant messaging” back-and-forth with a dear friend of mine – probably trying to cajole him and his beloved to leave east Texas immediately, regardless of personal inconvenience…

Nevertheless, I was familiar with “blogging” as I had many friends who maintained “blogs” and I thought it might be a useful medium to me. Though I also noticed the typical “blogger” tendency to begin with a flourish only to eventually abandon their virtual medium to the ghost towns along the information superhighway. This, I was determined to avoid. I was either going to do it all the way or continue keeping my journal on MSWord.

I Googled “free online journal” and found this place, Journalspace, a fledgling website, that was still in Beta testing. After perusing the finer points, visiting a few of the members and some comparison with other available resources – it seemed to suit just my particular needs at the time.

More than seven hundred days and nearly two thousand entries later, brings you to now: my life, in progress.

So much has happened along the way, two years of my life are enclosed within this dark little corner of the vast worldwide network – so much.

True to my promise to myself, I have managed to keep an alarmingly consistent frequency of posts. Currently I am maintaining a mathematical average of 2.4 posts per day. Although admittedly, I have shielded many from the public as “Private Entries” – for those entries that I do not feel are appropriate to make readily available to the prying eyes of strangers – or the prying eyes of familiars, as the case may be.

In conclusion, I have no idea what the future of this site will be and I certainly have no intention of stopping any time soon. This practice has ingratiated itself into my very way of life. Even now my thoughts are focused on the horizon as I have (in the last several months) kept this journal mostly for my children. To read at a later date so they might know more of me and be granted a precious glimpse at the earliest moments of their lives, illuminating the dark corridors of memory.

I still hear the Music… everywhere.


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