Labor Day (1994)

I remember trudging into the field house in the early morning hours of Labor Day, 1994. Football practice. As I walked to my locker and began getting into my gear, Coach Roy walked by me and, noticing my bleariness, asked me what day it was.

“Uh, Monday, coach?” I replied.

“No son, it`s Labor Day,” he responded quickly, “and we`re going to labor.” He chuckled and continued out the door, to the field. The very same field that would later bear his name.

I got my gear on slowly, with care and well-practiced precision before I joined my teammates on the field. The field. The sleeping Dragon.

As I stepped onto the dewy grass and looked to the east, I saw the gauze curtain of heat rising up from the turf.

Though ten years later, I find that I am still a student, in more ways than I would like to admit, perhaps.

…and in the east, I can still see the heat.


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