The Seven Laws of Teaching.

* The Law of the Teacher.
Teachers must be fully equipped with the knowledge they wish to communicate.Fresh study and preparation are keys to enriched teaching.

* The Law of the Learner.

Student interest and attention must be generated by the teacher.A teacher`s enthusiasm is contagious with students.

* The Law of the Lesson.

Lessons are best begun with common and familiar experiences.Excellent teachers understand the background of their pupils and use it as a starting point.

* The Law of the Language.

The words used by teachers must be easily understood by students.Illustrations, natural objects, and visual aids are important to good communication.

* The Law of the Teaching Process.
Expert teachers arouse and direct self-activities by their students, thus stimulating them to learn for themselves.Student skills grow with practical exercises involving their minds.

* The Law of the Learning Process.

Excellent education helps learners to be investigative discoverers.Real and valuable learning is more than memorization.

* The Law of Review and Application.

Review perfects knowledge, confirms knowledge, arid makes knowledge ready and useful.Practical reviews are characteristic of excellent teachers.


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