`Final Generation` of Abortion Advocates Rallies in DC

Calling themselves the “final generation” of abortion advocates, hundreds of thousands of women today packed the Mall in Washington D.C. to defend their right to prevent their views on abortion from being passed on to their children.

“It was too late for me,” one unnamed speaker told the throng of pro-abortion protestors. “I had my children before the 1973 Roe v. Wade court ruling. I tried to bring them up right – you know, teaching them that this world is a horrible place to bring children into. My legacy has been passed on to them. Thanks to my efforts, they don`t have to pass on anything to anybody”

Hillary Clinton Electrifies Crowd

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY/Ark, reminded the largely-female gathering of the important connection between abortion and voting, noting that 50 million eligible women failed to cast ballots during the last presidential election.

“Historically, pregnant women have felt helpless and that feeling carries over into other areas of their lives – like politics,” said Mrs. Clinton, as her daughter, Chelsea, looked on. Abortion empowers women to make life and death choices. Once you`ve made a decision to stop a beating heart, other choices – like whom to vote for – don`t seem nearly so intimidating.”

Pelosi Echoes “I Have a Dream” Speech

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, in a speech reminiscent of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., told the crowd that she had a dream that racial tensions in America would fade because blacks have three times the abortion rate of whites.

“Reducing the population of racial minorities is probably the most effective way of reducing tension among the races,” said Mrs. Pelosi. “As the population of black children stabilizes, then declines, whites will feel less threatened. Perhaps the most encouraging thing a white politician can do for African-American women is to say, `Sister, it`s your right to abort your children. I affirm you.`”


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