Escape To Oklahoma

It is Friday morning and I am driving to Oklahoma. I am part of a caravan that features Candace’s father in a U-Haul, Candace driving his truck and I in our car with Gaelynn.

When we first start out, I am so exhausted from the lack of a week’s worth of sleep that I keep falling asleep while driving. Finally, at a gas station somewhere in northern Texas Candace gave me an energy drink that helped me out.

The drive was agonizing and exhilarating at the same time. Gaelynn was awake for almost the entire drive, and we played a game together for several hours. I went through the alphabet saying as many words for each letter that I could, encouraging her to recite them back to me. It was good for both of us. She was exposed to many words, and I was able to discern the vowel/consonant sounds on which she needs work.

The scenery was beautiful, and all the while there was a sense that I was making a jailbreak.


We arrive at approximately five o`clock in the evening.

We begin the Herculean task of moving all of our worldly possessions up a steep flight of stairs.

(Sam and Kim help for a little while but have to return home quickly.)

Candace and I work late into the night, submitting Gaelynn to a marathon session of different animated movies.

Sometime around nine o’clock, as I was changing movies for Gaelynn and studying the boredom on her face I came to a realization.

We are alone.


In this town.

We have no one here that can help us.

We have barely one hundred dollars, no food, no family, and no friends.

We are very alone.

Rent ($400) is due in a little over a week.



Car payment.


Not to mention that we still have most of our furniture spread out over our backyard and a U-Haul full of boxes.

We bring in as much of the furniture as we can. Our bodies are weary. We close the U-Haul, eat some frozen pizza and go to sleep.


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